Civic House First Meeting

From this fellowship, I expected to learn a lot from the people that I would be working with 30 hours a week.  This week I was surprised to find out that I have learned more about the people that I meet with for an hour and a half every 2 weeks or so.

I think this has a lot to do with the fact that I work very closely with the other interns and lawyers in a very professional setting.  While with the Civic House Fellows, we were prompted questions that forced us to bring forth our most personal thoughts and ideas about the internship.  Through this, you can learn a lot about the internship.  Philadelphia Legal Assistance is a great place for helping others, and getting to know the people that you are helping.  However, getting to know each other seems to be more of a concerted effort.

This Friday, PLA saw four very important people leave.  The executive director, Anita, mentioned that in July a couple more would be leaving.  Within this past couple of weeks, I have been counting familiar faces and losing 4 people in a week is rough.  A bit of a surprise to myself, everyone seemed to be very emotional about losing their coworkers- two of which had been at PLA for less than a year.

That is perhaps what I look forward to the most.  I enjoy working in a very open environment, where collaboration is key in order to accomplish things and get them done right the first time.  I am a big fan of efficiency and as such, I think that the best way to get things done is to cooperate.  Have spaces for open questions.  To an extent, this is done through PLA’s “Open Door” policy.  Wherein, doors to everyone’s office must remain open unless meeting with a client or speaking on the phone.  All clues point to a more suitable working environment fitting to my personality in time.


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